Mental Health Billing Services

Spend less time bogged down with insurance billing for your mental health patients.

Many people worldwide are discovering the value of mental health services. What once was believed as a privilege for only a select few is now proven to be a benefit for all — even a basic need to some.

With the rise in demand for mental health treatments comes the need for mental health insurance billing services. This type of service can be beneficial for the mental health professional and their patients.

One of the key reasons why a mental health professional needs a mental health insurance billing service is that it enhances their practice overall. On the one hand, the availability of this service makes it possible for professionals to see more patients. On the other hand, this service allows each patient to get high-quality treatments. Simply put, mental health insurance billing services help to keep everyone happy.


What Are Mental Health Insurance Billing Services? 


It comes to no surprise that mental health services can be quite expensive for patients to pay for. Sometimes, the only way they can afford such treatments is by relying on their insurance services.

However, insurance billing can be time-consuming and taxing on the mental health professional. To do this, they provide a claim and any supporting documentation to the insurance companies. Then, they also need to deal with denials and follow-ups. Because of all the steps needed to bill insurance, many mental health professionals find this task quite overwhelming.

Fortunately, mental health insurance billing services are available for all providers. At Psyquel, we offer the complete package, from verifying a patient’s insurance benefits to correcting, updating, and submitting claims. We make sure that every patient and mental health provider gets the services they need to go to therapy and get their money on time.

The Importance of Mental Health Insurance Billing Services

For mental health practitioners, getting this type of service is the right course of action. Not only does doing so save time but, more importantly, it makes the entire process of claiming insurance benefits that much more convenient.

Besides these, the advantages of getting mental health insurance billing services include the following:

Increased Access to Mental Health Services

There’s no doubt that countless people need some type of counseling to either keep their mental health in check or treat a specific issue. Whatever the case may be, many people or potential patients tend to shy away from getting the services they need because they find it too expensive.

However, with the help of mental health insurance billing services, patients can have more access to mental health services without breaking the bank.

Better Patient-Therapist Relationship
It is understood that for a treatment to be effective, the patient and a healthcare provider must have a good relationship. The same is true for mental health providers.
Unfortunately, when complications with payments arise, it’s possible for the patient-provider relationship to suffer. The patient may decide to stop their treatment or counseling in the middle of their sessions or the provider can limit the services they offer to meet the client’s budget. In both cases, both parties don’t get to maximize their time and effort. As such, it’s important to have mental health insurance billing services that prevent this type of complication from occurring.
Overall Improvement of Mental Health Nationwide

From increasing accessibility of mental health care to bettering patient-therapist relationships, mental health insurance billing services can improve the mental health situation nationwide. They make the overall procedure more convenient for both the patients and the providers, and they ensure that everyone receives the care they need.

How It Works: Mental Health Insurance Billing Services

As mentioned, mental health insurance billing services make the procedure much easier for all parties involved. But the question is: how do they work?

Claim Benefits from Insurance Companies

Sometimes, patients don’t have a complete grasp of what their insurance covers. Because of this, they don’t get to maximize the benefits. With the help of mental health insurance billing services, the hassle of claiming benefits from their insurance companies are wiped off their slates.

We at Psyquel make the claims submission process quick, easy, and accurate — claims are auto populated from the patient record and every minor detail is checked for accuracy so getting payment from insurance companies is a breeze.

To ensure these outcomes, we have an insurance billing software system that can generate a claim and directly bills it to the insurance company immediately after a treatment session is completed. Should there be any errors or misunderstandings, the software will automatically detect them and display them on the screen. Through this technology, the complete process of checking the patient’s insurance benefits and billing their insurance provider becomes a whole lot easier and less prone to mistakes.

Deal with Denials

There are times when an insurance provider may refuse to pay the mental health professional, and these can be attributed to several reasons. While some of them are valid — for instance, not having the right coverage or not bearing liability — other rejections are due to simple technical errors or misunderstandings.

What Psyquel aims to do is help every mental health provider deal with denials and get to the root cause of the problem. Our services can help them resubmit claims and continue trying until both parties reach an acceptable solution, all with the help of a dedicated representative.

Verify Coverage of the Patient’s Insurance

As it is, the job of the mental health professional is already complex — even more so if they must verify their patient’s insurance coverage. That’s why getting mental health insurance billing services is the best solution for them.

This type of service can confirm the patient’s insurance information so the healthcare provider can offer the best services that meet their needs. This prevents any miscommunication between the patient, provider, and insurance company, and ensures that the healthcare professional receives their payment as soon as possible.

Bill Directly from a Third-party Insurance Company

In some cases, mental health practices have a direct partnership with some of the country’s major and popular insurance companies. Because of this, they are able to obtain the payment directly from them. However, what if the patient has insurance from an unfamiliar source? This is what is called out-of-network insurance, and this can be quite complicated to handle.

If a patient has an insurance policy with an out-of-network company, the mental health provider can have a challenging time contacting them, obtaining necessary information, and finally, getting paid. It hampers regular cash flow and may even give rise to delays and denials.

To avoid this issue, mental health insurance billing services can bill the third-party insurance company directly, no matter how irregular or unfamiliar they may be.

Improve Patient Adherence

Money is one of the biggest challenges many patients face when dealing with their mental health. Even if they desperately need the treatment a mental health professional provides, they would rather find alternative, and more affordable, means to solve their problems. In doing so, they put their mental health at risk, and perhaps make the situation more complicated than it should be.

Through mental health insurance billing services, patients don’t need to worry about financing their mental health treatments. If their insurance covers the counseling sessions, they open the doors to a wide range of mental health services they can receive help from. Knowing that they’re well cared for makes them more likely to adhere to and complete therapy sessions.

Get Mental Health Insurance Billing Services from Psyquel

At Psyquel, we are committed to helping every mental health professional in any way we can. Through our comprehensive set of services, we can help each provider streamline their daily operations, enhance patient-provider relationships, and improve billing processes.

Through our mental health insurance billing services, we ensure that mental health professionals:

  • Verify Patient Benefits
  • Collect Insurance Claims
  • Resolve denied issues
  • Track and manage authorizations
  • And so much more

In line with our other services, we also focus on giving our clients:

  • Easier patient scheduling portal
  • Appointment reminders
  • Credit card processing
  • EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  • Complete HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliance

Through our offerings, we aim to provide effective and high-quality solutions for all patients and mental health professionals. As a result, we believe that we can create a community where mental health is convenient and accessible to all.

Psyquel: A Five-Star Rated Service

Since the company’s founding in 1997, Psyquel has been serving the needs of practitioners nationwide. Today, it is one of the most reliable mental health insurance billing services in the U.S. 

Here’s what a satisfied client, Ruth, had to say about the team: 

I have been using Psyquel for 10 years, and have been very pleased with their services. Their software is easy to use, and bills go out within a day of posting. They follow up to collect when claims have been denied. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I've used several other services, and this is by far the best one I've ever had.” 

Are you ready to learn if Psyquel is the ideal solution for you? Request a live demo now to discover the power of having industry-leading mental health billing services by your side.