Mental Health Billing Simplified

After you see your patients, three clicks is all it takes for billing

  • Our web-based mental health billing software is built around your fundamental activities: scheduling and seeing patients. You and your staff don’t have to master complex financial software because we perform these functions for you.
  • Everything is point-and-click simple. After seeing a patient, all you have to do is mark the appointment as attended, and we will handle the rest: tracking authorized sessions remaining, error checking, submitting claims, collecting insurance payments, resolving denied claims, posting insurance payments, reporting results, and analyzing your practice.
  • You can also schedule nonclinical, group, and recurring appointments. Because our software is web-based, you can schedule appointments for multiple providers and sites from one central location.
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Client users and counting!

Client users and counting!


Client users and counting!


Client users and counting!

With Psyquel by Your Side, You Can


Manage your revenue

    Because you are always connected to us through the Psyquel mental health and therapy software, we continually keep you apprised of things that could affect your net income via the Revenue Management Center:
  • The Hot List alerts you to managed care authorizations that will expire soon.
  • The Denial List shows you a real-time view of denied claims we are working to resolve, and what information we may need from you to collect the claim.
  • The Unbilled Appointments List reminds you of appointments on your schedule that are not yet billed.
  • Other real-time messages include appointments that have been canceled or scheduled without an authorization.

Simplify EHR

Psyquel’s secure patient electronic health record integrates and displays your clinical activities and our billing/collecting activities at the individual patient level. You can access your patient records securely at any time, from any location, with any PC. You can also share patient records with colleagues, whether they are across the hall or across the country.

The patient record functions and looks just like a paper chart, with tabs for insurance information, managed care authorizations, appointment history, progress notes, demographic information, and diagnostic and medication information. Psyquel’s staff does not have access to confidential clinical information. We utilize the most powerful security technology available.


Request customized reports

It is important to us that we are always accountable to you, and that you can see everything that we are doing to service your practice. Since you are always connected to us, you can access accurate and current reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply request the reports you need, and we will notify you when they are waiting in your Report Inbox. Because we service providers across the country, we routinely compare your practice against other providers to identify best practice methods and opportunities for improvement.