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Our singular mission is to facilitate the healing work of behavioral health professionals by increasing their financial profitability.

You do important work, and you deserve a comprehensive platform to manage your practice, billing and insurance claims, all in one place.

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Our reputation is built on trust, service, and results for your practice

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Achieve collections rates of 98% and collection periods of less than 10 days with our total billing solution that’s perfect for any size practice.

We ONLY serve mental and behavioral health professionals, require NO long-term contract, and charge NOTHING for self-pay patients, or for setup, training, upgrades, or support.

Psyquel can enable you to eliminate paper processes, work more efficiently, and generate actionable insights, allowing you to focus on delivering superior patient experiences. Check out Psyquel’s stats for the last year:

Dollar Amount Processed in 2022

Claims Processed in 2022


Claims Collected in 2022 for Full-Service Members

Designed by behavioral health professionals and operated by medical billing experts, Psyquel keeps you focused on patient care by keeping you free from insurance hassles.

Insurance companies are not here to help your practice succeed, but Psyquel is!

Our Services

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Easy to use, click through claims submission process

Data auto populates as you complete the claim submission, creating a quick and efficient process.

How Psyquel Works


Eliminate paper processes, work more efficiently, and generate actionable insights to focus your energy on what truly matters – delivering superior resident experiences.

Client users and counting!

Client users and counting!

Client users and counting!

Why Psyquel?

Psyquel is transforming the lives of Mental Health Service providers through unique and systematic processes. WE believe that smooth operation is extremely essential to drive change.

Psyquel offers a rich user experience through some of the most exclusive features:

  • Patient Note Templates
  • Behavioral Health EHR and Mental Health EHR (Electronic Health Records)
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Patient Scheduling Feature
  • Patient Intake Portal
  • Appointment Email Reminder
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Cross-platform support
  • Routine Back Up
  • Unlimited phone during business hours ( Central Standard Time)
  • Email Support

Why Psyquel?

Psyquel is making life easier for mental health service providers through state-of-the-art technology and world-class customer service. We help you get paid more often, averaging greater than a 98% paid claims rate.

Psyquel offers an exceptional user experience through our feature-rich model:

  • Patient Note Templates
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Intake Portal
  • Appointment Email/Text Reminder
  • Credit Card Processing
  • HIPAA-Compliant System
  • Automated Back Up
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited Phone Support During Business Hours

“Our practice has been using Psyquel Solutions since 2005 and we have been very pleased with the program. It is inclusive of all a therapist’s needs from the scheduling, to the patient record, clinical notes, medical notes, payments and financial reports. Also, as the needs of a mental health practitioner have grown, Psyquel has adapted and made changes to their program to meet those needs. I would recommend Psyquel to mental health therapist either working in an individual or group setting.”


-Samantha Carella, PsyD, ABPP-CC

“Psyquel has been a major part of what allows me to run my outpatient private practice smoothly and effectively. Their attentive (and available) staff remove the hassle from interfacing with insurers, freeing up my time for clinical work. My clients appreciate the new session reminder emails as well. I can’t imagine working without the infrastructure support I receive from Psyquel.”


-Dr. A, Michael Aisenberg, Psy.D.

“Psyquel has been and still is the greatest decision I have made in continuing to run my business. They are friendly and willing to help providers get paid through insurance even when insurance companies make it hard to be reimbursed. The staff at Psyquel is top notch and willing to help within reason to make your private practice successful and operate smoothly.”


-Dean Aman, LPCMH, LLC

“I have been a client of Psyquel for many years, and have referred numerous colleagues to the company. Their service is easy and quick to use. My clients love this personal touch I provide and it is well worth the fee. I am always amazed at how quickly any insurance issues are resolved by my personal representative, Noreen.”


-Dr. Michael Riskin, MFT

“Affordable, dependable, and convenient – client information at my fingertips where ever I may be. Accounts receivable dropped from 73 days to about 10 days for 94% of my claims almost immediately and I am thrilled!”


-Dr. S.

“I have been responsible for billing insurance companies for 15 years. I have used four different billing systems. When I discovered Psyquel I found the answer to every shortcoming that I felt other programs for billing had. The program is easy to use, it is comprehensive, customer service is very good, reports are great. I have no complains but only praise for the program.”


-Wayne Howard, Admin Director

We Help You Get Paid

Learn how we averaged over 98.2% reimbursement of claims submitted in 2022.

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The Psyquel Backstory

Psyquel was founded in 1997 as a coordinated effort between two premier mental health organizations, one in Dallas and the other in San Antonio, Texas. This first iteration was a simple LAN-based system that met basic technology needs, but digital age came quickly.

By 2000, Psyquel was transformed into the first web-based billing software specifically for behavioral health, offering a new solution available to clinicians across the country.

In 2004, a medical billing expert saw the enormous value Psyquel brings to the market and decided to purchase the company. Since then, Psyquel has operated under basic yet powerful guiding principles:

  • Be the best at what we do.
  • Get providers paid.
  • Customer service is the top priority – when a customer needs help, we’re there.
  • Fashion a system of “clean claims” that produce payments.
  • Digital is king – electronic processing yields faster, accurate payments.
  • Accurate claims and payments result in accurate patient balances.

Learn why more than 1000 Mental Health Providers love us!

With our innovative technology, providers get the time to focus on what they do best.