We Help Make Billing and Scheduling a Breeze. Contact Us for a Free Demo. Simplify Your Billing with Psyquel Bill insurance the same day you see your patient. Insurance Billing Made Quick & Easy mental health practice management services emr ehr psychologist billing therapy software Managing your booked sessions has never been easier or more convenient than with our practice software. Streamlined Patient Scheduling therapist billing software mental health billing program ehr emr Spend less time managing your practice and more time serving your patients! Full-Service Platform Available

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Psyquel is your total solution for mental health billing

We offer web-based practice management software with the option of a full service billing company.

Levels of services we provide for our mental health billing software

Mental Health Billing Service

For providers who need additional help with the back office support. We will verify any new patients’ insurance benefits. If the provider has a claim that has been rejected or denied, our office will correct and update the claim and resubmit it. Psyquel will post all insurance payments to the patient records.

mental health billing software ehr emr
mental health billing software ehr emr

Insurance Claim Submission Service

For providers using our mental health billing software who will be submitting claims to insurance. Providers will submit their claims through Psyquel and keep track on any claims being processed with the insurance companies. If a claim is rejected or denied, providers will be notified on their dashboard. Providers are able also to post insurance payments to the patient record with a few clicks. This will ensure what they have been paid for and what claims may need attention and follow up.

Mental Health and Therapy Software

Providers wanting to use Psyquel’s practice management mental health and therapy software for private pay patients only (not submitting claims to insurance).

mental health billing software ehr emr
Other Software Services

Other Features

  • Patient Note Templates
  • Behavioral Health EHR and Mental Health EHR (Electronic Health Records)
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Patient Scheduling Feature
  • Patient Intake Portal
  • Appointment email reminder
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Ipad, tablets and cell phones
  • Routine Back up disaster & recovery process
  • Unlimited phone during business hours ( Central Standard Time) and email support

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