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Keep All Your Patients’ Data Accessible and Secure

For over two decades, Psyquel has offered the best mental health practice management software on the market. In addition to all the other benefits of working with Psyquel, we offer a world-class EHR/EMR service that is specifically designed for and catered to therapists.

What is EMR?

Electronic medical records (EMR) contain all your patients’ medical information for your practice, in one place. This includes their demographics, progress notes, treatment plans, laboratory results, and more. The EMR is a great way to keep track of your patients’ care and treatment. How is it different from the mental health practice management software?

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Seamless Data Management through Psyquel

At Psyquel, we can compile all of your patients’ records, making it easier for you to track and monitor their progress and treatments. The automation increases clinic efficiency and reduces paper waste. Our software helps you meet quality measures, too!


Seamless Integration

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Cross Platform Support


Tracking and Reporting


Appointment Reminders


Data Management


Billing and Insurance

Our reputation is built on Trust and Seamless Service

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Why Psyquel?

Psyquel is transforming the lives of Mental Health Service providers through unique and systematic processes. We believe that smooth operation is extremely essential to drive change.

We help you get paid more often. We averaged more than a 98.2% claims paid rate in 2022.

Psyquel offers a rich user experience through some of the most exclusive features:

  • Patient Note Templates
  • Behavioral Health EHR and Mental Health EHR (Electronic Health Records)
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Patient Scheduling Feature
  • Patient Intake Portal
  • Appointment Email Reminder
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Routine Back Up
  • Unlimited phone during business hours ( Central Standard Time)
  • Email Support

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Centralize All Your Patients’ Data


Manage Records from Anywhere


Customize Reports and Visualize Data Like Never Before!