Behavioral Health Billing Software


Spend less time bogged down with insurance billing for your behavioral health patients.

Behavioral health services have finally been starting to make their way to more people. However, these healthcare practitioners structure their practices a little differently than a traditional medical clinic, making traditional medical practice software a challenge. This should not be the case. At Psyquel, our mission is to help you improve your patient care, streamline your billing, and build your practice. We’ve developed a user-friendly platform to assist you in managing your clinical, billing, collection, and telemedicine requirements.


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Dedicated To Helping You Help Your Patients

Behavioral health workers keep long hours to help and serve their patients. With the credentials and skills you possess, your hard work deserves to be recognized with an equally efficient and hard-working behavioral health billing software. That’s where Psyquel Solutions comes in. We can help you do your job better, quicker, and more efficiently.  


Psyquel was developed by behavioral health experts and refined over years of field testing improvements. With Psyquel’s comprehensive behavioral health billing services, you can focus on your practice instead of taking time to work on tedious small details and paperwork. It is — without a doubt — the best billing software for behavioral health professionals that is commercially available, as well as a complementary aid to anyone else involved in the psychology field who need behavioral health billing software.  


Psyquel takes the hassle out of billing, scheduling, and documentation by streamlining your back office process to allow your practice to focus on more important tasks. For a sole proprietor therapy or group practice, all of your tasks are conveniently bundled, so you have more time to do what you do best: help people. Behavioral health professionals shouldn’t have to worry about insurance claims or patient statements at the cost of sacrificing their patients’ well-being.  


insurance submission service psychologist mental health billing programs ehr emr therapist records

Since we’ve been in your shoes, we know what you’re going through. Our mission is to help you develop a flourishing behavioral health practice. As a result, we came up with an easy-to-use solution for time-consuming tasks. Whatever the size or nature of your practice is, Psyquel will help you become more productive and efficient. You can rely on Psyquel to organize your behavioral health billing services without concerns.  

Our Behavioral Health Billing Software Features

The pressure inflicted on behavioral health professionals by insurance companies is widely recognized as one of the most financially and emotionally stressful aspects of their careers. There has never been a more urgent need for high-quality behavioral health billing software that is easy to use and understand. 

With Psyquel Solutions, your practice’s operational performance and profitability are greatly improved through a combination of efficient technology and multiple service tiers. You’ll benefit from the following features when you use our cutting-edge, economical behavioral health software:  

Appointment Scheduling

Non-clinical, group, and recurrent appointments can be set up on your calendar. You can book appointments for various providers and locations from a single place.

Appointment Reminder Email or Text

Sending an email or text instead of making a phone call is standard in today’s digital age. Two days before their scheduled appointment, a courtesy reminder will be automatically emailed or texted to your patient. With this feature, you can reduce the rate of cancellations and late arrivals, all you’ll need to make this work is the patient’s active email address or cell phone number.

Billing and Invoicing

The same day you see a patient, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), can submit a claim to their insurance company through Psyquel. Sending data electronically is easier than ever.

Claims Management

Insurance claims can be filed quickly and successfully with Psyquel’s insurance claim management system.

Multi-Provider Practice

An unlimited number of users and sites can have secure access to your practice at any given moment, regardless of where they are or what type of device they use.

Patient Portal

With an online gateway, patients and providers alike can save a lot of time reviewing such things as records, treatment plans, billing inquiries, and more, instead of going to the provider’s office.

Mental Health Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Using Psyquel, it is possible to scan and save patient records and medical and clinical notes, and any other health information relating to each patient.

Progress Notes

One of the many features of Psyquel is the flexibility in organizing and formatting notes.

Credit Card Processing

We provide credit card processing service for provider’s offices to collect patient payments, track patient balances, and automatically track office revenue. 

At Psyquel we offer multiple levels of service. Our Full Service option includes a designated Psyquel representative for back office support, cleaning claims, and ensuring insurance payments. Our Submission Only service is a lower-priced, simple, do-it-yourself billing option. Both levels of service include the standard practice management features listed above.   


It is possible to make the process of recording, coding, and billing much more efficient and convenient for your entire team by utilizing dedicated behavioral health billing software. Psyquel automates crucial activities that directly impact the daily operations of your organization. When it comes to flexibility, our billing system is unrivaled. You can bill by task or schedule, automate billing from medical data records, and generate simple or customized reports tailored to your clinic’s needs.  

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Powerful Billing Software for Mental Health Professionals

Behavioral health professionals work diligently to fulfill the demands of their community. However, incorrect coding and anomalies in healthcare insurance can have severe consequences on an institution’s bottom line. With the help of sophisticated behavioral health billing software, you can increase cash flow by improving the efficiency of your billing process.  

All the Information You Need in One Place

Psyquel’s encrypted patient EMR system consolidates and shows your clinical activities and your billing and collection activities for each individual patient in real-time. You can securely view your patient records at any moment, from any place, using any device. In addition, you can exchange patient records with coworkers and other behavioral health providers, no matter how far away they are. Our patient records appear and work exactly like those made on paper — including tabs for insurance details, demographic data, progress notes, consultation history,  managed care authorizations, and diagnostic and prescription information.  

Streamline the Process of Receiving Payments

With Psyquel’s billing solutions, you can streamline your invoices and collect outstanding payments more quickly. Managing your transactions is made easier by our thoroughly integrated system, which eliminates any needless tasks in the billing process. With Psyquel, you don’t have to spend time manually preparing invoices: everything is as simple as pointing and clicking. Upon completing a patient visit, simply mark the schedule as attended, and a claim will be auto-populated for easy submission. You have the option of completing patient notes right away as well, so you can focus on running your clinic. Psyquel’s behavioral health billing software has the capability and compatibility to do everything — like tracking approved appointments, troubleshooting, filing claims, collecting insurance premiums, settling rejected claims, submitting insurance payments, reporting performance, and evaluating your practice  — to open up more time for you and your staff to help patients.  

Identify Errors Before They're Filed

Our behavioral health billing service can track extremely complicated claims and ensure they are billed accurately using established rules to direct claims to the right payers. As a result, insurance companies are less likely to deny claims.  

Exclusively Customized for Mental Health Practitioners

Experienced behavioral health billing experts were involved in developing Psyquel’s billing system design. They were entrusted with building the best billing software for behavioral health professionals. For this reason, they designed a platform that anticipates your demands, detects errors, and keeps the process smooth with robust integration capabilities. It’s an easy-to-understand solution that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort.  

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

We want you to know exactly what we’re doing for your practice, and we want you to be able to see it clearly. Because you’re constantly connected to us, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date information. Reports are easily generated as you need them and available to read in the Report Inbox. We regularly compare your practice to other providers to uncover areas for development and the best methods.  

Thorough Security Measures

We make use of the most sophisticated security technologies today. With Psyquel, your data is protected by encryption, backup, and firewall security, making it more reliable than storing it on an office computer.   

HIPAA Compliance

Patients’ privacy is a major concern. Thousands of dollars could be lost due to a single HIPAA violation; there’s so much on the line. The good news is that if you use Psyquel’s reliable behavioral health billing software, you can rest assured that your patients’ data is safe. We make sure to follow all HIPAA and other governing agency rules and regulations to the letter.  

Why Choose Psyquel?


Psyquel Solutions is your best bet when it comes to billing software for behavioral health professionals. With over 20 years of experience in the behavioral health sector, we’re delighted to have played a role in the growth of thousands of behavioral health clinics and psychologist services in every area of the country.  

Excellent Track Record

With our easy-to-use, straightforward behavioral health billing software, you can manage your behavioral health practice, bill insurance for consultations, handle your patients’ records, and schedule your appointments — all on one handy platform. We’ve been featured on numerous “Best of” lists throughout the years, and our thousands of satisfied customers have given us overwhelmingly positive feedback.  

Outstanding Support

To help you manage your practice more effectively and efficiently, we offer full back-office support in addition to the behavioral health billing software. As a result, you can concentrate on running your practice and serving your clients while we take care of all the administrative details.  


Scheduling a free demo session with our team is the best thing you can do for your practice and yourself. You’ll learn how our billing software can help you streamline the most time-consuming tasks in your behavioral health practice, allowing you to spend more time doing what you enjoy most — working with patients. Contact us today!