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For over two decades, Psyquel has offered the best mental health practice management software on the market. In addition to all the other benefits of working with Psyquel, we offer a world-class EHR/EMR service that is specifically designed for and catered to therapists.

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Finally, an EHR/EMR Service Designed with You in Mind!

Working in the mental health and psychotherapy fields, you probably rely on thorough, accessible EHR/EMR records to keep you up to date with your patients, accurately track their progress, and understand their needs. As essential as this is for the therapist profession, there are surprisingly few EHR/EMR services that cater to behavioral or mental health. Even fewer of those are convenient to use, secure, and reliable.


That’s where we come in. Our EHR/EMR service is specifically designed for therapists, and includes several note templates available for mental health providers. You’ll love our:

  • Simple, straight-forward interface
  • Web-based access that keeps you connected whenever you need it
  • Mental health specific fields and data-points
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