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Behavioral health professionals generally agree that one of the most economically and emotionally challenging aspects of their business is the increasing burden imposed upon them by insurance companies. 

The need for a quality therapy billing software has never been higher. Psyquel Solutions solves this daily challenge by providing a unique combination of services and technologies that significantly improve your practice’s operating efficiency and profitability.


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“Our practice has been using Psyquel Solutions since 2005 and we have been very pleased with the program. It is inclusive of all a therapist’s needs from the scheduling, to the patient record, clinical notes, medical notes, payments and financial reports. Also, as the needs of a mental health practitioner have grown, Psyquel has adapted and made changes to their program to meet those needs. I would recommend Psyquel to mental health therapist either working in an individual or group setting.”


-Samantha Carella, PsyD, ABPP-CC

“Psyquel has been a major part of what allows me to run my outpatient private practice smoothly and effectively. Their attentive (and available) staff remove the hassle from interfacing with insurers, freeing up my time for clinical work. My clients appreciate the new session reminder emails as well. I can’t imagine working without the infrastructure support I receive from PsyQuel.”


-Dr. A, Michael Aisenberg, Psy.D.

“Psyquel has been and still is the greatest decision I have made in continuing to run my business. They are friendly and willing to help providers get paid through insurance even when insurance companies make it hard to be reimbursed. The staff at Psyquel is top notch and willing to help within reason to make your private practice successful and operate smoothly.”


-Dean Aman, LPCMH, LLC

“I have been a client of Psyquel for many years, and have referred numerous colleagues to the company. Their service is easy and quick to use. My clients love this personal touch I provide and it is well worth the fee. I am always amazed at how quickly any insurance issues are resolved by my personal representative, Noreen.”


-Dr. Michael Riskin, MFT

“Affordable, dependable, and convenient – client information at my fingertips where ever I may be. Accounts receivable dropped from 73 days to about 10 days for 94% of my claims almost immediately and I am thrilled!”


-Dr. S.

“I have been responsible for billing insurance companies for 15 years. I have used four different billing systems. When I discovered Psyquel I found the answer to every shortcoming that I felt other programs for billing had. The program is easy to use, it is comprehensive, customer service is very good, reports are great. I have no complains but only praise for the program.”


-Wayne Howard, Admin Director

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Telehealth Platform

Easy to use, click through claims submission process

Data auto populates as you fill out the payment reimbursement process... means more time to care for your patients.

Rely On Thorough Security Measures And HIPAA Compliance

Psyquel uses physical power, encryption, backup and firewall protection so that your information is far safer with us than it could ever be on a computer in your own office, and your access to it is as reliable as your speed dial. 

We will ensure that we are in full compliance with all applicable HIPAA regulations, once finalized, as well as regulations of other governing agencies.


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