Our Therapy Billing Software Features

Over 20 Years of Helping Therapists with Mental Health Billing

Behavioral health professionals generally agree that one of the most economically and emotionally challenging aspects of their business is the increasing burden imposed upon them by insurance companies. The need for a quality therapy billing software has never been higher. Psyquel Solutions solves this daily challenge by providing a unique combination of services and technologies that significantly improve your practice’s operating efficiency and profitability. With our up to date and competitive mental health software, you’ll enjoy the following features:

  • Mental Health EHR: Scan and store patient records, medical or clinical notes, or any other medical information pertaining to each particular patient
  • Claims Management: Psyquel makes possible the efficient filing of your insurance claims and favorable resolution of your denied claims
  • Billing & Invoicing: Bill insurance the same day you see a patient
    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): Easily send information to another company electronically
  • Appointment Scheduling: Schedule non-clinical, group, and recurring appointments. Schedule appointments for multiple providers and sites from one central location.
  • Appointment Reminder Email: In an electronic world an email is better than a phone call. An automatic reminder will be sent to the patient 2 days prior to their appointment in your office. You will need to have the patients valid email address to have this work correctly. This is a great way to cut down on canceled appointments and late arrivals.
  • Assessment and Treatment Plans: A variety of templates are available for notes
  • Progress Notes: A variety of templates are available for notes
  • Multi-Provider Practice: You can have an unlimited number of users and sites with secure access to your practice at any time, from any location, on any PC or mobile device
  • Patient Portal: Patients can fill out their personal information on an online portal rather than in the doctor’s office, saving them, and the office, considerable time.
  • Personnel Management: A Psyquel customer service representative is assigned to each provider
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Rely on thorough security measures and HIPAA compliance

Psyquel uses physical power, encryption, backup and firewall protection so that your information is far safer with us than it could ever be on a computer in your own office, and your access to it as reliable as your dial tone. We will ensure that we are in full compliance with all applicable HIPAA regulations, once finalized, as well as regulations of other governing agencies.


You have secure access to your practice data and to our Service Center from any location, and live customer support is always available to you during normal business hours. The professionals at Psyquel are always right behind your computer screen, actively supporting your practice.